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Seeking teletherapy for ADHD

The ADHD International website was created to provide readers with the latest research and information on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD was once thought of as a “trash can diagnosis” that was convenient for doctors to use when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

That’s no longer the case.

More than half a century later, cutting-edge research has uncovered the physical reasons behind the condition. It is known that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is neurobehavioral disorder with devastating consequences for those who remain undiagnosed or untreated.

ADHD is diagnosed in childhood, but it lasts a lifetime more often than not.

At least five percent of all school age children are diagnosed with the condition, and most of them do not outgrow it.

Adults who have spent years wondering what was wrong are relieved when they go to an experienced clinician who can diagnose the problem and create a treatment plan.

Spouses of ADHD adults likewise are filled with joy to discover there is a reason for the difficulties they are experiencing in their marriages — and there are solutions as well.

Teachers dedicated to making sure their students learn regardless of their challenges often spend hours searching for material to help them reach the ADHD children in their classrooms.

Counselors and therapists are constantly looking for new ways to guide their ADHD clients towards a better life. Some fortunate enough to find continuing education (CE) courses that offer concrete suggestions. Others join organizations that provide such information.

Parents desperate for information that can help them figure out what to do next comb the internet.

And sometimes, teens who are themselves internet-savvy do the hunting for answers. Sometimes the best way for a therapist to reach a teen is through teletherapy, since ADHD adolescents are drawn to the internet.

ADHD International was created to provide information, research and support to those who are struggling, their family members and the professionals working to help them.

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